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molesIt seems inappropriate to call a book on domestic violence good. The topic is, after all, so horrific and despicable. Chris Moles knows that, he’s a trained batterer interventionist and Biblical Counselor. He has seen the horrors of the situations and their long-term impact. It is from that place of awareness and compassion that he has written The Heart of Domestic Abuse. The book is unique because it is written about abusers, deals with the heart issues, and gives a protocol for evaluating real change.

There are a number of good books written on the subject of domestic violence. I am personally grateful for Justin and Lindsey Holcomb’s work Is It My Fault? and Brenda Branson and Paula Silva’s Violence Among Us. But both of these volumes, and myriads of others are oriented towards care for the abuse victims. We need lots of help in this area, especially considering…

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