If You’re Having Trouble With Your Spiritual Sight, Try Looking Within

Samaritan's Song

I have my annual eye appointment today.

It’s old hat now.  But at the first exam, everything was new.  Near the end of my initial visit I sat in the chair and peered through the phoropter (that big machine that helps the doctor determine your lens prescription) to look at the eye chart.

“Which is clearer?” my doctor asked.  “The chart on the left or on the right?”

“Left,” I answered.  And sometimes right.  And sometimes both and sometimes neither.  He listened to my answers carefully as he worked to adjust the prescription.

At the end of the process, he encouraged me to look forward through the phoropter one more time.  “Tell me about the chart on the left compared to the chart on the right.”

“Oh,” I said, confident, “the left is way too blurry.  Really blurry.  The right one is perfect though.”

He threw me an amused glance. …

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