Choon-Leong Seow Lectures on Job: The 2016 Thomas Burns Memorial Lectures

Biblical Studies Online

Professor Choon-Leong Seow (Vanderbilt Divinity School) delivers the 2016 Thomas Burns Memorial Lecture Series at the University of Otago, on “The Story of Job: A Contested Classic”

Tuesday 26 July: Job in the Cradle of World Literature
Wednesday 27 July: The Artistry of the (Hebrew) Book of Job
Thursday 28 July: Theological Conversations in Job

Tuesday 2 August: Job as a Contested Classic
Wednesday 3 August: Job Through the Eyes of Artists
Thursday 4 August: Job in Modern Literature

The series will be accessible to all through a Live Stream at 5:15pm NZ time (GMT+12 hours; 6:15am UK time; 1:15am EDT; 10:15pm previous day, Pacific Time; 8:15am Jerusalem time), and recordings will be made available soon after.

People wishing to see the live stream can go to the “Channel 1” URL, which is…/teaching/streaming/otago466001.html

To test that the stream works, try going to the Test…

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