Lord God, Grant It to Be So!

He Hath Said

He will make her wilderness like Eden, and her desert like the garden of the LORD -Isaiah 51:3

He says (hear it and marvel!) that He will make the wilderness like Eden. You know what Eden was. It was the garden of the earth in the days of primeval purity. Fruit and flower, lofty tree, and lively vegetation abounded there in profuse luxuriance. I know not how its groves and shrubberies were tenanted by graceful creatures and lovely birds, but I can well imagine that every sense of man was regaled by its unfailing charms. No thorns or thistles cursed the soil, no sweating brow with arduous toll forced the crops from barren sods. The land laughed with plenty. The river, branching into many heads, watered the garden. God Himself was pleased to water it with the mists, and to make the fruits grow, to swell in rich abundance, and…

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