On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

23 July 1934 Fourth International Conference of the International Hebrew Christian Alliance #otdimjh

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Sir Leon Levison presided at this historic moment in the history of the Hebrew Christian Alliance, as storm clouds loomed over the Jewish people in Europe, Messianic Congregations (known as Hebrew Christian Churches) were being formed, and a Hebrew Christian Colony and and immigration to Israel was encouraged.

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The meetings discussed:

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A. Abraham’s Vineyard Hebrew Christian Colony in Palestine

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B. The formation of Hebrew Christian Church  – including Articles of Faith, Constitution and Liturgy for Ordination of Elders and Deacons:

The aims of the Commission on the Hebrew Christian Church were:

“1. To make a survey of the numbers of Hebrew Christians in the World, their locations and if possible their Denominational connections.

  1. To report on the desirability and practicability of the suggested Hebrew Christian Religious Body.
  1. To draw up a Constitution for the said suggested Hebrew Christian Religious Body.
  1. To…

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