24 July 1884 Rabbi/Missionary George Pieritz

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

24 July 1884 Death of George Wildon Pieritz, Rabbi, Priest and Missionary #otdimjh

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 08.21.08 Bernstein gives a brief summary:

Pieritz, G. Wildon, born at Klecko in Posen, in 1808, baptized 1835, laboured as a missionary of the L.J.S. in the forties of the nineteenth century at Jerusalem, in Damascus, and subsequently settled at Oxford, where he was engaged in teaching. He was a learned and spiritually-minded man, as his articles in the “Hebrew Christian Witness, 1874-5,” testify.[415] He was the author of “The Gospels from the Rabbinical Point of View,” London and Oxford, 1873.

More details are given here:

B048George WildonPieritz M.A.Priest, former Rabbi–1884(aged 76)Ordained Anglican priest in 1847; missionary in India and Jerusalem


The history of George Wilden Pieritz is an interesting story because he started his early life in the Jewish faith and later converted [sic] to Christianity.

The tombstone inscription reads:

Rev George Wildon PIERITZ MA

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