“Expanding Ezekiel” by Timothy P. Mackie

The Biblical Review

Timothy P. Mackie. Expanding Ezekiel: The Hermeneutics of Scribal Addition in the Ancient Text Witnesses of the Book of Ezekiel. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, pp. 339, 100 €.

In this high-level study and analysis of the scribal additions in the book of Ezekiel, Timothy P. Mackie (Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Western Seminary, Portland Oregon) explores the variety of textual additions. Through his methodology and large grouping of what he considers to be scribal additions, Mackie contributes the broader discussion regarding early Jewish textual transmission practices.

Inspired by J. H. Tigay’s The Evolution of the Gilgamesh Epic, his methodology for identifying textual expansions in the MT, as compared to the OG tradition, draws on quantitative differences. While he assumes that both texts have a common ancestor, he does provide both traditions, the OG and MT, with indepdendent literary integrity. Following, he engages in a highly nuanced terminological discussion in order to…

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