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25 July 1696 Messianic Kabbalist Moses ben Aaron ha-Kohen of Cracow becomes Johannes Christianus Jacobi Kemper #otdimjh

One of the most fascinating Jewish “converts” to Christianity in the Early Modern Period was Moses ben Aaron ha-Kohen of Cracow (1670–1716), who received the name Johannes Christianus Jacobi when he was baptized by Johannes Friedrich Heunisch on July 25, 1696 in Schweinfurt, Germany. The manuscripts of his Hebrew works, written in the early part of the eighteenth century during his tenure as Hebrew tutor at Uppsala University in Sweden, indicate, moreover, that he adopted the new surname Kemper. The story of Kemper’s spiritual odyssey and the intricacies of his attempt to prove the truth of his new faith on the basis of kabbalistic, and especially zoharic, sources have been studied by a number of scholars.

Johan Christian Jacob Kemper (1670–1716), formerly Moshe ben Aharon of Kraków, was a PolishSabbatean Jew who converted from…

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