26 July 1940 400 Jewish Catholics arrested #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

26 July 1940 Arrest of 400 Catholic Jews in Holland #otdimjh

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The Germans invaded and occupied the Netherlands May 10, 1940. On July 11,  1942, a telegram was sent to the Nazi leadership in Holland from ten religious denominations protesting the mistreatment and deportation of the Jews. The Nazis responded by promising that no Jews who had been baptized before 1941 would be deported. This was a surprise because the telegram has been about the abuse of human rights, not special treatment for Christian Jews. On July 20, 1942, the Interdenominational Consultation and the Dutch Catholic bishops headed by Archbishop Jan de Jong, wrote a pastoral letter that was read in all their churches on the following Sunday, July 26. The Catholic letter included the text of the telegram; some Christian churches deleted the telegram as a conciliatory gesture. [Book review]

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Retribution was…

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