When God Doesn’t Fix It

Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

As many of you know, I’m pretty open with my readers about my thoughts and feelings. My prayer is that God will use them to help others. So many of us struggle. I don’t want this to be a complaint blog but an opportunity for someone to relate and find hope.

We are so prone to think that God has to fix everything. Somehow, we have this entitlement mentality that demands God to give us what we think we deserve. The sad part is we have such a higher view of ourselves than we should. We think we don’t deserve a thin bank account, a car that breaks down a lot, people who mistreat us, family problems, a house with lots of problems, personal health problems, etc. Jesus promised us in John 16:33 that we WILL have tribulation. I’m glad He didn’t stop there. He said, “Be of good cheer…

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