The Bingham Colloquium on Linguistics and the Bible at McMaster Divinity College


MDC-centres-web-01-BLTEEarlier this summer, McMaster Divinity College hosted its annual Bingham Colloquium, this year with the theme of Linguistics and the Bible: Retrospect and Prospects (last year’s summary on the theme of the gospel was reported by Hughson). The three major sub-topics were Linguistics, Translation, and Exegesis. As usual, several guests were invited to present papers on the theme. This year was unique in that students were given opportunities to submit paper proposals, and select papers were presented in parallel sessions.

The three invited speakers were Drs. Randall Tan (Global Bible Initiative), Scott Berthiaume (SIL International), and Mark Proctor (Lee University), presenting on each of the sub-topics of Linguistics, Translation, and Exegesis, respectively. Two of our bloggers also presented papers. Stan presented the closing plenary session paper entitled “What is the Relationship between Exegesis and Our Views of Greek, or Vice Versa?”, including a survey of some of the…

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