Messianic Expectation and Jesus’ Radical Uniqueness.

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy

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Prior to Roman occupation the Jews were expecting not one messiah but two. The the first would be the suffering servant messiah as prophesied by Isaiah (52:13–53:12). This messiah would suffer and die for his people whereas the second one would be the warrior-king prophesied in Isaiah 11:1-10. This warrior-king was expected to re-establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, and thus usher in everlasting peace and justice with his people, Israel. Thus due to the Roman occupation of Jerusalem the Jews were expecting the second Davidic Messiah, and they had largely forgotten the former. This was because Jews had had enough of foreign occupation and wanted vindication.

However, historical evidence shows that several Jews were claiming to be this very messiah prior to and after the time of Jesus. There are several of these figures by the names of Theudas, Simon ben Giora, Athronges, Simeon ben Kosiba (also Bar…

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