Kingdoms of the World – Sibylline Oracles Book 3.1-294

Reading Acts

As discussed in the introduction, Collins identified the first 96 lines as an introduction, possibly a fragment from another book.  Lines 1-8 form an introduction by the Sibyl herself, explaining that she speaks as God bids her to speak. There follows a condemnation of idolatry which is clearly Egyptian in origin (worshiping snakes and sacrificing to cats, line 30; OTP 1:362, note d). When Rome rules over Egypt, it will become the greatest kingdom, but it will be destroyed by three men (the second triumvirate, lines 46-63; OTP 1:363, note i).

The Cumaean Sibyl The Cumaean Sibyl

Lines 63-74 predict the coming of Nero, the Beliar from the line of the Sebastenoi.   This Beliar will perform signs and raise the dead, but will eventually be destroyed when he threatens the most high God.  After this the world will be in the hands of a woman (75-92).  This seems to be Cleopatra, although…

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