Quantum 73


Quantum 73

Here’s episode 73 of Quantum of Solas.  They’re like buses this week.  You wait ages for one and then all of a sudden, two come along together.

Also available on iTunes, Podbean and the Solas Website here:


Topics and links.

Named Person

Allan Norman in CommonSpace.scot: Named Person explained – for those who are not wilfully blind

TheWeeFlea.com: Investigate Extremist Christians!


Ross Clark in The Spectator: The NHS shouldn’t fund a drug that prevents HIV

Jamie Grierson in The Guardian:  Anger after NHS warns PrEP HIV drug could put other treatments at risk

Aids.gov:  Pre-Exposure-Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Tim LaHaye

Christian Today:  Tim LaHaye and the end times: What should we believe about the end of the world?

Monster Mash

The Telegraph:  Gary Paxton, ‘Monster Mash’ producer – obituary

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