Reviewing Brant Pitre’s Jesus and the Last Supper, Part Two (Skinner)

Crux Sola

PitreHaving provided an introduction to the major questions and methodological approaches guiding Prof. Pitre’s book in my last post, I wanted to spend the bulk of today’s post emphasizing what I think are the major strengths of the book. Thus, comments here will consist solely of “words of praise” before I begin my formal chapter-by-chapter review (during which I will attempt to provide substantive discussion that includes both agreement and dissent).

1. Breadth of Research: I should begin with the observation that this book has been assiduously researched. I can honestly think of no better term than “impressive” to describe the breadth and depth of Pitre’s awareness and analysis of foundational works of scholarship on Jesus as well as ancillary works aimed at ferreting out a perhaps less-significant-but-still-related insight or piece of information about Jesus. Pitre demonstrates a strong grasp of the major movements in the history of Jesus research, their implications, their…

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