Jesus’s SWOT analysis of the Western Church today – Revelation Series 3


This is part 3 of our Revelation articles in Christian Today

If only God would speak to us. If only he would show us what he wants. If only he would reveal himself to us, then we would believe. That is often the refrain from the non-believer.

Ah, says the Christian, he has – in Christ.

But, comes the response, where is Jesus now? We need him to speak to us.

And how does he do so? The terrifying answer is that the Lord reveals himself to the world, largely through his church. It’s a scary thought because the church often appears to be so messed up – and messy church too often leads to messy and confused views of Christ.

Jesus’ letter to the ‘angel’ (possibly the pastor) of the church in Ephesus in Revelation 2 gives us a big clue as to how this works. Richard Bauckham in his superb

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