An Encouraging Tale- The Herald and Christianity in the Public (George) Square!

Imagine the scene.  After a visit to a man with cancer, I was walking down Byres road in Glasgow, heading for the subway to travel to speak at Creationfest in George Square.  I was feeling a bit discouraged after a tough week.  I was especially discouraged by a nasty, vicious and lying letter from the Secular Society published in the Dundee Courier, the continued backlash from Stephen Green’s supporters, the continued consiousness of my own weakness and sin – and of course the horribleness of cancer and death.  How do I preach in the open air in George Square?  How can I tell of Christ in ten minutes?  Should I even be doing it?  (the question there is not whether it should be done, but whether I am the person to do it)….

And then...I picked up the Herald newspaper and read this astonishing article from Kevin McKenna.  Remember this…

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