Pride, Prejudice, Free Church Ministers and Secular Intolerance


(Alistair McBay of the Secular Society – not quite grasping his theme!)

Alistair McBay had the following letter in the Dundee Courier on Friday.

Stamp out all prejudice

Sir, – I was delighted to hear the First Minister and some of her ministers fully supporting Pride Glasgow and promising to root out anti-gay prejudice and discrimination wherever it occurs.

However, much of it occurs in schools, and shamefully, with the Scottish Government’s approval.

It actively promotes the involvement of external sources into both religious observance and religious and moral education in schools.

This allows both mainstream Christian denominations and evangelicals unchecked access to spread not just anti-gay sentiments, but also anti-women’s equality and anti- evolution stances.

For example, many schools grant access to ministers from the Free Church of Scotland to conduct religious observance or lessons on Christianity.

However, the recent moderator of the Free Church is championing his own…

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