Does Everything Happen for a Reason? (part 1)

Elihu's Corner

In our fast-paced, sound-byte world, people want (and give) quick answers with no real thought to the complexities of the question.

Consider, for instance, the following question:

“Does everything happen for a reason?”

For the past several weeks, I have been rolling this topic around in my mind after reading an article that a few of my friends shared (and apparently liked) on Facebook. It is not my normal practice to criticize the writing of another person on this blog, but in this case, the writer’s conclusion was so grossly fallacious it demanded addressing. Even more distressing was the fact that people bought into it with such wholehearted approval. The title of the article read, “Dear Christians, stop saying ‘Everything happens for a reason.”

Initially, I thought the author was rebuking Christians for being foolish with their words during times of grief. If this had been the aim of the article, I…

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