Christian Men Are Not A Monolith

Samaritan's Song

A few years ago, a church my husband and I attended announced their annual men’s retreat.  And they announced it with camouflage and drill sergeants.

Please understand I mean that literally.  Men wearing camo t-shirts and khaki pants marched down the aisles yelling out the retreat’s slogan while a promo for the retreat blasted on the screen: standard-issue bunk beds in a cabin in the middle of who-knows-where, men playing lots and lots and lots and lots of sports, men shouting out slogans during relays and races, and spiritual seminars on how to be…well, someone’s idea of a man.  Strong.  Capable.  Dominant.  Willing to lead.  Authoritative.

At the end of the promo, as the lights lifted and the pastor started to enthusiastically give out more information on the camp, my husband leaned over and asked me with a wry grin, “They’re never going to have a retreat where they teach…

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