Addendum to the Cleansing of the Temple—What about the Fig Tree?

Jesus Without Baggage

Thank you Ruth F!

In this week’s post on the cleansing of the temple, I wanted to talk about Jesus’ withering of the fig tree because I think it is closely connected to the story of the cleansing. Also, some people point to Jesus’ ‘petty’ act against the fig tree as another example of his violent nature, and I wanted to talk about that.

However, I did not have space to include the story of the fig tree within the word limit of the post. So I decided that if someone mentioned the fig tree I would write an addendum to it; and reader Ruth F. brought it up in a comment:

“But, but . . . What he did to that fig tree.”

james-tissot-jesus-and-the-fig-tree James Tissot (French, 1836-1902). The Accursed Fig Tree. Brooklyn Museum, New York.

The Withering of the Fig Tree Bookends the Cleansing of the Temple—For a…

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