Why do experienced builders still bother with measuring equipment?

I mean, with all that practice, he should be able to simply take a good look, mark, cut, place and nail without ever consulting a measuring tape or level, right? Not exactly. The experienced builder knows that optical illusions abound when simply “taking a good look” and a proven standard is far better.

So, for a disciple of Christ, what’s our real standard? Is it the specific truth of scripture, or something close that “appears level”? It’s tempting to gravitate toward the verses we prefer and simply create our own spiritual “ethos” based on the principles that challenge us the least, but Jesus taught a complete approach to the life of a disciple. For example, most people agree that lying, stealing, murder or adultery are wrong, but Jesus taught that even contemplating those things is an issue (Matt. 5:28).

Each day can be filled with…

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