Tears to Cheers, The Battle Is Won!

Victors Corner Blog

You have had your years of tears.
Now welcome your season of cheers.
God knows and calls you by your name.
And He is not calling you to shame.

You have had your seasons of pains.
By faith receive your harvest of gains.
It could never be by might or sight.
But it is by your right in Christ.

You have been trying to be tough.
Because things have been so rough.
You have been going at a frantic pace.
It is time for you to rest in His grace.

Now Cheer up in your labour of love.
Help has come to you from above.
You may have been badly shaken up.
But this is not the time to give up.

Stand up, stand up for what is right.
And with all your heart fight.
Get ready and keep it steady.
By faith the battle is won already.

©CopyRight 2016…

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