Biblical Trinitarian: A Resource for the Brethren

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Mike Burgos and I want Biblical Trinitarian to be a source of apologetic material for Christians from every walk of life. Personally, I welcomed the opportunity to focus my attention more closely on the apologetic subjects I found interesting. This would allow me more time to study and really dig into those subjects. It would also clear some subject space here on my personal blog, allowing me to take a lighter tone while nevertheless remaining apologetically oriented.

With all that said, I’d like to encourage my readers to check out Biblical Trinitarian. Check out Mike’s articles, and mine, see what is of use or interest and pass it on to a friend. Mike and I want our finished products to be tools for the faithful, weapons against the enemies of Christ, and food for our fellow militant brethren who are waiting for the enemy’s next attack.

Below I’ve listed some…

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