Some preorder goodies and a giveaway for #AnywhereFaith

Heather C. King - Room to Breathe


Friends, excitement is really building around here.22

For one thing, my almost-three-year-old is super-pumped about his upcoming birthday in October.  He’s talking about it everyday, planning presents and a cake and all kinds of fun things.

Then there’s me, prayerfully looking forward to the release date for my new book, Anywhere Faith, on October 3, 2016.

That’s less than 2 weeks away!

I am excited to share the message that sometimes we’re afraid to follow God, sometimes we don’t know if we’ve heard Him correctly, sometimes we feel overwhelmed or uncertain or insecure.  But when we tell God what’s on our heart, He helps us overcome and follow Him “Anywhere.”

Thank you so much to those who joined with me to be part of the Launch Team for the book.  I hope you’re having fun sharing and participating in the group.  I know I am!

Thank you also to…

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