The Christian Hope – (The Scotsman Article)

This is my article in The Scotsman today.  You can get the original by clicking the link – (or better still buying a paper and passing it on to others)….There is also a superb article from the Catholic Bishops Council on the same page….below is the text with the two parts in block quotes that were left out….


Here’s Hoping you Have Something to Live For –

Scotsman – 27th September 2016 

Humans can live for weeks without food, days without water and minutes without air – but no one can live for seconds without hope. Hope is that almost indefinable quality which all of us need to live and not just merely exist. As the suicide rate in Scotland continues to increase, perhaps we need to ask what makes someone so despair that they despair of life itself? Why, when we live longer than ever before, when we are…

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