John 5:1-15

This passage lies at the beginning of a unit within the Gospel that continues through 12:50 that covers the major Jewish festivals.ย  The specific festival in question here in chapter 5 is not identified by the text, so for our purposes we will not worry about trying to speculate on this point, although there are various theories put forth by commentators; the application here is not affected by which festival is involved.

The pool at Bethesda was stirred periodically, we donโ€™t know how often, and the first lame person into the pool when it was stirred would be healed.ย  The man who is the subject of our text was so disabled that he was not able to move quickly enough to be first, and had suffered his disability for 38 years. In our text, Jesus will heal him, command him to pick up his mat and walk, andโ€ฆ

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