This Past Week in the Political Bible: Giles Fraser, Jeremy Corbyn, Class War, and Pentecostalism

Harnessing Chaos

This past week a number of examples of the Radical Bible (i.e. the Bible roughly equated with, or having some a presence in, socialist or revolutionary ideas) have cropped up. Several people have noticed the recent article by Giles Fraser: ‘Corbyn is an atheist – but his ideas are true to the Bible‘, Guardian (29 September, 2016). Needless to say, this contains plenty of good material for those of us interested in the history of the construction of the Bible and religion in English political discourse, in this instance on the Left.

A couple of qualifications about Corbyn, politicians and Christianity are worth mentioning. First, Fraser claims that it ‘remains gobsmacking that, of all people, it’s the Tories that are still most likely to profess their commitment to the church. For heaven’s sake, Theresa May is a vicar’s daughter.’ The first part of that quotation is probably a…

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