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A recent comment is so chock-full of confusion and erroneous statements that I choose not to post it, but instead to address relevant matters in this posting.

1.)  Contrary to the comment, I don’t “assume” that cultic devotion to Jesus erupted early and quickly.  Over 30+ years I’ve made and defended the case arrived at inductively through pains-taking analysis of the historical evidence.  No assumption involved.  So, it’s a bit tiresome to have someone assert that my case is built on an assumption.

2.)  Actually, I’m not unique in making the claim that a “high” view of Jesus erupted early.  For example, the great master-scholar of the early 20th century, Wilhelm Bousset, in his influential study, Kyrios Christos, reached basically the same conclusion, as did Johannes Weiss, Martin Hengel, and others.  Indeed, Bousset judged that what he called the “kyrios-cult” (programmatic treatment of Jesus as worthy of worship) erupted so early and…

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