The Broken Puzzle Piece

My Story, My Song

“Mrs. Givens, I can’t finish this puzzle. This piece is broken.”

My kindergarten student held a single puzzle piece out to me that was missing an edge.

“Wait!” said a friend. “Here’s the broken part.”

“So? It’s still broken. I can’t finish this one.”

“Yes, you can. They’re all broken up anyway. Just ah-tend (pretend) that this is two pieces instead of one.”

Wait. What?

I KNOW that was You, Lord. What a word, spoken from the lips of a little, pure child.

We are a broken people living in a broken world. Every day, those around us hurt for a multitude of reasons. Life throws darts at us that break us into pieces.

Maybe YOU are broken…reading this right now, thinking That’s me. That relationship, that physical problem, the stress, the defeat, the depression, the sin…it’s left you feeling like a pile of broken pieces.

Rahab was a broken…

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