Is the BBC Christophobic?

Another week…another BBC mockumentary about wacko right wing fringe ‘Christians’ in the US.  The fact that it was put out on BBC 3 means that one could normally just ignore it as would 99% of the rest of the population, but with the I-Player and the internet, this kind of thing soon gets spread around and is used to fuel the anti-Christian self-rightousness of the metro-elites.  So I squirmed through it.  Click the link if you want to watch it for yourself –

Of course the programme was a complete set up.    70% of the US population profess to be Christian – some 250 million people.   25% are evangelical – about 80 million people.  There will of course be some in that large and varied group who will be extremist and unhinged. There are far right political groups who will use Christianity….but the Westboro Baptists and Steven Anderson…

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