Beethoven, Dvorak and a Con Brio

Last night I had the joy of attending a concert by the RSNO (Royal Scottish National Orchestra).   It was a beautiful and throughly enjoyable evening….I offer the following reflections….

  1. Dundee’s Caird hall is a wonderful setting!
  2. I love the rituals at Classical concerts – its so traditional….three encores, don’t clap in between movements…don’t be too enthusiastic – although the lady in front of me was ecstatic after the Emperor….
  3. The RSNO is one of Scotland’s great treasures – and should be publicly funded…the Scottish government sometimes fund rubbish – funding the RSNO is essential otherwise how will Dundee plebes like me get to hear such great music?!
  4. I think I should be a conductor! Cristian Macelaru was wonderful….although he reminded me of the comedian Michael McIntyre in his appearance and energy.  Actually now that I think about it, maybe there a lot of similarities between being a conductor and…

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