Holy Conviction Isn’t As Terrifying As It Sounds

Samaritan's Song

I don’t know why, but whenever I heard the word “conviction” as a child and teenager – in the sense that the Lord was convicting someone about sin or sinfulness – I always thought of a stack of heavy iron bars dropping down from above onto someone’s heart.  Thud.  Maybe it’s because the word and the concept seemed so heavy: the fullness of God’s righteousness weighing down upon small and sinful you.

I also grew up into my adulthood conceiving of conviction as an experience that happened from time to time when it was called for, not as a perpetual process.  No one was constantly under conviction, as far as I was aware; the chiding of the Holy Spirit came when you did something deliberately wrong or bad or strayed too far off the path.  In that sense, the Spirit seemed to operate a little like the alarm on…

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