The End of the Dream – Why the SNP Have Given up on Independence – Part 1


This post was way too long so I have decided to amend it and run it as a mini -series….this is part 1!

As a result of illness I had the privilege of being able to watch a great deal of both the Tory and SNP conferences.   They were fascinating. Teresa May gave what sounded like the most left wing speech of any British Prime Minister since Harold Wilson, the ‘Remainer’ Tories came out as anti-immigrant xenophobes (probably because they thought this would endear them to their constituency, although the thought that they were trying to sabotage Brexit did fleetingly cross my mind!), and many of the root and branch Tories went home satisfied and happy that they had their party back.   The SNP conference in Glasgow last week was even more fascinating. And profoundly disturbing. I have been thinking about it all weekend and I think I have worked…

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