The Beginning of the Nightmare – Why the SNP are Giving up on Independence for Scotland – Part 2

Summary –In part one which you can read here I argued in summary that rather than the SNP using the threat of Brexit to push for independence, they are using the threat of independence to try and nullify Brexit. In part 2 we look at how the SNP is increasingly turning away from being a democratic political party where differences are not only tolerated but encouraged,  to a an authoritarian controlling populist movement. 

My first post was of course greeted with the usual scorn and outrage from the more fundamentalist and emotive cybernats – thereby proving my future points that for some the SNP has become like a religion with the EU being at the centre of their creed.

Ironically my point was demonstrated further by this SNP supporting website which argues that its only the SNP who can save Britain now!  (click here)

Its incredible that without…

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