Fantasy Politics – Why the SNP are Giving up on Independence – Part 3–Childcare


The story so far!   In part one we saw that the SNP has now become the party of the EU, rather than the party for an independent Scotland. The End of the Dream – Why the SNP Have Given up on Independence – Part 1 In part two we saw how there is an increasingly authoritarian tendency within the party and an inability to allow disagreement. The Beginning of the Nightmare – Why the SNP are Giving up on Independence for Scotland – Part 2  Interestingly I read this article in The Spectator this morning – on the press censorship evidenced by the neutering of the journalist Stephen Daisley Press Censorship in Scotland

We now look at what I call  the danger  of Dreams Politics.

It is good to dream but as Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said ‘beware the tyranny of the visionary!).

One of the biggest dangers in politics…

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