Is the Bible Inerrant? It is Not and Here’s Why

Jesus Without Baggage

Much of the problem of baggage among those who believe in Jesus is due to an incorrect understanding of the nature of the Bible. Many Christian traditions teach that the Bible is the absolute word of God: authoritative and inerrant.

Holy Bible

God Said It and that Settles It

Some years ago, a popular phrase, often seen on bumper stickers, stated:

‘God said it! I believe it! That settles it!’

The theory of how this works varies. Some believe God essentially dictated the words to the various biblical authors, while others believe the words are those of the authors but that God revealed the content; either way they believe the Bible is revealed knowledge. The claim is also made that the Holy Spirit somehow protected the Bible from any error.

This understanding leads to claims about the Bible expressed in such terms as biblical authority and biblical inerrancy. Biblical authority means that…

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