Review: The Latin New Testament

26721149H.A.G. Houghton is Reader in New Testament Textual Scholarship at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, where he also serves as Deputy Director of the Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing. Houghton is author of several books, including Augustine’s Text of John: Patristic Citations and Latin Gospel Manuscripts (Oxford University Press, 2008), Early Readers, Scholars and Editors of the New Testament (Gorgias Press, 2014), and Commentaries, Catenae and Biblical Tradition (Gorgias Press, 2016). Recently, Houghton produced a landmark work of New Testament textual scholarship worthy of shelf space for any serious student of New Testament textual studies.

The Latin New Testament: A Guide to its Early History, Texts, and Manuscripts is divided into three major sections following the content outline of the subtitle: (1) history, (2) texts, and (3) manuscripts. The initial section on the history of the Latin New Testament comprises the bulk of the book. Houghton carefully guides the…

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