Meaningless Labors… and a Different Point of View

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Ecclesiastes 2:17-26

With verses 17 ff. we continue the Teacher’s warm and cozy view of our lives under the sun, this time we are talking about work. In verses 17-23, we see a very high concentration of markers making it more clear than at any time before this that we are talking about life “under the sun” which he repeats no less than five times. Could something be in the works here?

The main point in this passage is that we might work diligently all our lives, we might achieve great things, as Solomon surely did, and yet even though we might act with wisdom and knowledge and skill our entire career, the day will come when we turn our accomplishments and fortunes over to someone who may or may not be wise, and who certain did not earn them. He concludes that this is not a good situation, using…

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