Study 6 From the Book of John is: John 3:22-36798b3-search-the-srciptures

  1. How might one have expected John to have replied to the statement of verse 26? Consider the quality of character and the principles brought out in his answer. How far do you share his attitude to Christ? How does it apply to your situation?

  2. What is said about Jesus in verses 31, 32, 34, 35, which set Him apart from and above all others?

  3. ‘Receives his testimony’, believes in the Son’, ‘does not obey the Son’ (verses 33, 36). What kinds of response to Jesus Christ do these phrases describe? To what consequences do they lead?


  1. Verse 32. ‘No one’: i.e., generally speaking; it is qualified in verse 33.

  2. Verse 33. ‘Set his seal’: he both confirms his acceptance of the truth of God’s word and in his consequent experience proves the truth of it. Cf. 7:17.


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