The Wit and Wisdom of Michel Roux – An Afternoon in Gleneagles


(Gleneagles Hotel)


It was a fascinating afternoon –  an interview  at Gleneagles Hotel between Michelle Roux’s senior and Andrew Fairlie,  two of the top chefs in the world.   When I bought the tickets it was originally for Annabel, as I did not think it would be my cup of tea –  but it turned out I was wrong. I found the whole thing absolutely fascinating and was very impressed with both gentlemen.


Michel Roux is the 75 year old French chef who is widely credited, along with his brother Albert, with bringing modern fine dining to Britain.   His nephew Michel Roux Jr has become famous through MasterChef – he is apparently somewhat good looking and Annabel initially was very excited because she thought it was Roux junior not senior we were seeing!


Roux senior left school when he was 14 to become a pastry chef and eventually came to the…

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