5 Reasons Why the Harmful Doctrine of Mandatory Tithing is Wrong

Jesus Without Baggage

Believers should be able to give as much as they want to the church and to church projects; and they should determine for themselves how much to give based on their own criteria, but telling people they are obligated to pay tithes to the church is WRONG.

Yet many ministers, and church members as well, insist that believers who don’t tithe to the church are robbing God and neglecting their Christian duty. Some add that a believer who does not tithe will not prosper because of it.

The doctrine of mandatory tithing is harmful and misguided.

In this post I assert the harmfulness of mandatory tithing and give 5 reasons why it is wrong. On the other side of the issue, proponents of mandatory tithing produce a number of biblical proof-texts claiming to support the doctrine; I addressed the major proof-texts in the previous post–they all fail.

Here I speak…

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