False Identity in Ministry

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As much as I love ministry and serving God’s people, I know that ministry does not define me as a person. If God were to take my ministry away tomorrow, I would be content in Christ knowing that His love for me is sufficient whether or not I am functioning as a pastor/elder. But this is not the same for everyone.

There are people out there, Christians, that think that their life has no meaning outside of ministry. They think that God has called them to a certain ministry and they will always be called to that ministry no matter what the circumstances (even if they’ve been disqualified). What this shows is a false identity in ministry. Let me give you an example.

There is a podcast audio that hits this subject hard. Some of you are familiar with the band Citizens & Saints (which we post about on this blog). Zach Bolen…

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One thought on “False Identity in Ministry

  1. “I have known men, who even after their disqualification still push themselves into the ministry and claim that it is “their gift” or “God’s calling,” when it a purely seeds of selfishness and pride.”


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