Joshua 10

tea & testimony


The king of Jerusalem, Adoni-zedek, saw what had happened to Jericho and Ai, as well as what had happened to the Gibeonites. He knew that Gibeon was a large city and had many strong skilled warriors. And yet they too were under the rule of Israel. Adoni-zedek gathered 5 nearby kings and their forces as allies to defeat the Gibeonites for  having made peace with Israel. The combined army was made up of the men of Hebron, Harmuth, Lachish, and Eglon.

When the Gibeonites heard that they were to be attacked, they were frightened and sent messages to Joshua: “Don’t abandon your servants now,” they pleaded, “Come at once! Save us! Help us!” (10:6).

Joshua and his entire army set out from their homes in Gilgal to defend the Gibeonites from these five armies. Do not be afraid of them,” the Lord said to Joshua, “for…

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