leaving-norwayAll packed and ready to go

After spending a year in Norway, we packed up the house and left for Louisville, Kentucky (by way of Louisiana first).

Our cat didn’t want us to leave (for those of you who know me, can you believe I owned a cat? and liked it (eventually)? and wasn’t allergic to it??).


We left this wonderful backyard


. . . for tobacco!


Not quite. That’s actually in Southern Ohio . . . and we didn’t leave for tobacco either. We left for this place below.

buildings-2Norton Hall, where we have all of our classes (this semester)

buildingsOur large lawn and some dorms

By now school has started (and is almost finished). In my first draft I we were starting our fifth week. The next time I updated this we had five weeks left. Now we only have just over three weeks left. Mari is taking an MDiv…

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