Want to Meet at SBL in San Antonio?

Rick Brannan

sanantonio-001I ran a similarly titled post last year (2015), “Want to Meet at SBL in Atlanta?“, and it’s high time to ask the question again.

Will you be in San Antonio for the SBL conference? If so, I’d love to meet and chat.

Do we share interests? Stuff like early Christianity, Greek language/linguistics, early Christian writings, textual criticism, discourse grammar, discourse analysis, and stuff like that?

Are you starting graduate studies and just want to bounce some ideas off of someone?

Are you wrapping up graduate studies and want to talk with someone about what it’s like to work outside of the academy?

Do you have ideas for possible datasets or books or other things that you think might be interesting, whether as a proposal for Faithlife/Logos or something else?

Do you want to chat about self-publishing and writing?

Do you just think it might be fun to chat?

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