Crossing Cultures in Scripture

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Crossing Cultures in ScriptureMarvin Newell has just brought out an interesting looking Bible and Mission, Crossing Cultures in Scripture: Biblical Principals for Mission Practice (IVP, 2016). Here is a link to a video on the publisher’s we site: Marvin J. Newell, Author of ‘Crossing Cultures in Scripture’

Here is the blurb and contents:

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is a crosscultural book. Scripture is full of narratives of God’s people crossing cultures in pursuit of God’s mission. Biblical texts shed light on mission dynamics: Sarah and Hagar functioning in an honor-shame culture, Moses as a multicultural leader, Ruth as a crosscultural conversion, David and Uriah illustrating power distance, the queen of Sheba as an international truth-seeker, Daniel as a transnational student, Paul in Athens as a model of contextualization, and much more.

Missionary and missions professor Marvin Newell provides a biblical theology of culture and mission, mining the depths of Scripture to…

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