Joshua 15

tea & testimony


Chapter 15 gives an overview of the land and towns allotted to the tribe of Judah. We also read an interesting anecdote about Caleb and his daughter Acsah. Caleb was been one of the first men appointed by Moses to spy out the land. Moses had sworn that for his bravery and obedience to the Lord, Caleb would surely inherit share of the land of Judah.

We just witnessed in chapter 14 Caleb’s boldness and faith in requesting that land he was promised from Joshua. Here in chapter 15 verses 13-19 we see Caleb taking possession of that inheritance. He then offers his only daughter, Acsah, in marriage to whomever can drive out the inhabitants of Debir. It just so happened that a man named Othniel did and married Acsah.

Upon receiving her inherited land, Acsah also asks her father for some choice springs and he gave them to…

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