Stewardship is not Just Giving to the Church – Stewardship is Giving Wisely

Jesus Without Baggage

For the past two posts, I have made the case that mandatory tithing does not apply to believers. Such teaching is unbiblical, legalistic, and wrong. We examined the proof-texts proposed by mandatory tithing proponents and found them faulty.

This is not to say that we should not give generously; Jesus speaks much about helping the poor and needy, and he also had a good bit to say about those who were too attached to their wealth. Believers should be caring and giving people, but we should not give blindly.

Stewardship is a word often used to encourage believers to give more to the local church; but stewardship is not just giving to the church—stewardship is giving wisely.

Tithes and offerings Tithes and Offerings

Church Stewardship

For many years, I belonged to a church of about 2000. Giving was always heavily emphasized, and mandatory tithing was expected—in addition to generous offerings. The…

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