There is Only One Certainty


Ecclesiastes 9:1-12

Our most excellent adventure now comes to the Teacher’s second conclusion: There is only one thing in this life that is certain.

That certainty is simply this: It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do in life, you are going to die and be forgotten.

This warm and cozy reality forms the basis of Solomon’s wisdom, at least in the wisdom of his teaching. He actually calls it “the evil in everything that happens under the sun: The same destiny overtakes all” in 9:3. I should remind everyone at this point that in Solomon’s day there was no concept of eternal life as Christianity understands the term; you only lived on through your children. Thus, with a fate of death in common, why be surprised that people are wicked, greedy and unrighteous? Why not eat, drink and try to have as much fun as you can? In…

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